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The nursing assistant program aims to prepare you for entry into the field of nursing assistants / home health aides (NA / HHA). Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) work in nursing homes, hospitals and other medical settings. The nursing assistant program at Lake Superior College in Duluth, MN starts with the basics. You’ll start by working in a lab setting on campus. Then you’ll move on to a clinical environment such as a local hospital or long-term care facility. Graduates will be prepared to take the MN Nursing Assistant Registry test. Upon completion of the course, take the Nursing Assistant Test Out to complete your certification.

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Skills & Knowledge

  • 100 hours of class and onsite training in a long term care facility
  • Infection control principles/asepsis
  • 58 skills listed by the MN Nursing Assistant Competency
  • Basic body systems
  • Identify emergency situations and implementation of appropriate procedures

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Nursing Assistant Home Health Aide Program Guide

Nursing Assistant Program Guide


Nursing Assistant / Home Health Aide Course – 4 credit
To register for the Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide course enter:

    • course 1420
    • Semester
    • Subject: Nurse Assistant (NUNA)

Nursing Assistant Course – 3 credit
To register for the Nursing Assistant course enter:

  • course number 1400
  • Semester
  • Subject: Nurse Assistant (NUNA)

Graduates will be prepared to take the MN Nursing Assistant Registry test. Upon completion of the course, take the Nursing Assistant Test Out to complete your certification.

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Approximate total tuition & fees for MN residents to complete this degree.

Tuition & Fees

3 Credits

The nursing assistant certificate may be completed with a 3 credit course if pre-program requirements are met.
See the Program Guide for details.

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    Educational Pathways

    Being a certified nursing assistant (CNA) is a rewarding career in itself, or a solid stepping stone toward a career in professional nursing.


    Please note this certificate does not meet the minimum hour requirements for certification in Wisconsin.

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