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Program Description

The Engineering Technology AS offers students the opportunity to learn through hands-on training, to become specialists dedicated to the development, design and implementation of engineering and technology related to positions in construction, manufacturing, product design, testing, or technical services including sales.

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Pre-program Requirements

Successful entry into this program requires a specific level of skill in the areas of English, mathematics and reading. Program entry will depend, in part on meeting pre-requisites listed in the program guide.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate safe use of machine tools used in manufacturing such as saws, drill press, engine lathes, milling machines and welding machines
  • Demonstrate understanding of mechanical blueprints including orthographic drawings, symbols and tolerancing
  • Demonstrate teamwork in design and manufacture of a working project
  • Generate and simulate CAD/CAM toolpaths for various CNC machines
  • Utilize computer design programs (CAD) to create three dimensional models, assemblies, animation and drawings
  • Demonstrate understanding various number systems used in digital logic circuits
  • Demonstrate understanding and programming of microcontrollers
  • Demonstrate understanding of the basic operation and programming of an industrial Programmable Logic Controller
  • Develop an understanding of math and physics concepts related to Engineering Technology

Program Articulation

This program has a transfer agreement in place that allows students to transfer most (if not all) of their credits earned, should the graduate decide to pursue an Engineering Technology bachelor’s degree from Bemidji State University.

View the program guide for more information about the Engineering Technology A.S.

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