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It’s been said that a machinist is to metal as a woodcarver is to wood. Machinist’s cut parts from metal or plastic and uniquely fit them by hand. A manual machinist differs from a CNC (computerized numerical control) programmer. CNC programmers manufacture many identical parts. Manual machinists produce custom parts in limited quantities using mills, lathes and other manually operated tools. Interested? Get your manual machinist certificate at Lake Superior College in Duluth, MN and get to work!

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Skills & Knowledge

  • Manufacture mating parts and assemblies
  • Use milling fixtures
  • Machine compound angles
  • Design and build jigs & fixtures
  • Inspect products for quality

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Approximate total tuition & fees for MN residents to complete this degree. Starting Fall 2018, LSC will charge the same rates regardless of a student’s state of residence. Non-Minnesota residents will pay the same tuition rates as Minnesota residents.

Tuition & Fees

1 Year

The machinist degree may be completed in 1 year if prerequisites are complete.

Program Report

Potential Career Opportunities

  • Aircraft machinist
  • Automotive machinist
  • Deck engineer
  • 4-slide operator
  • Carbide operator

Duluth Median Wage


Minnesota Median Wage


US Median Wage


Source: MN DEED website as of November 2016. Figures shown are median hourly wages rounded down to the nearest whole number.

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