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Lake Superior College’s Associate in Arts (AA) 60-credit degree is intended primarily for students who plan to transfer to another college or university to complete their bachelor’s degree. An AA degree allows you to complete both general education requirements and pre-major requirements for a wide range of majors and programs at four-year colleges and universities.

The AA degree is a general liberal arts degree with no specific major listed in conjunction with the degree. However, many LSC students choose to concentrate in a particular field of study or pre-major as preparation for a planned major at a four-year college or university. Minnesota State Transfer Pathways can provide a seamless guaranteed transfer for specific majors to all seven Minnesota State universities. They are designed so you can complete a specific associate degree at Lake Superior College and transfer to a Minnesota State university to earn a bachelor’s degree without losing credits or having to take extra courses.

You should consult with an LSC advisor to develop an educational plan so that you can be sure courses taken at Lake Superior College fulfill the requirements of your AA degree and pre-major requirements. Contact with your transfer institution is also strongly encouraged to assure all your requirements are fulfilled.

At least 40 of the 60 credits must be taken within the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC). In addition to the 40-credit MnTC requirement, the A.A. degree program requires you to complete a 1 credit First Year Experience course, 2 credits in Health/Physical Education and 18 additional credits, which may fulfill MnTC goals, pre-major requirements, second language requirements or electives.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum

The Minnesota State system has a common general education curriculum called the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum or MnTC. The MnTC is an agreement signed by all Minnesota two- and four-year public colleges and universities to support the transfer coursework and credits in general education.

When you complete the MnTC and transfer to any other Minnesota State institution, you will have fulfilled all lower-division general education requirements. The MnTC also transfers to the University of Minnesota and many private and out-of-state schools. Within the 40 credits required, there are ten goal areas of competency. The A.A., Associate of Fine Arts (AFA), Associate of Science (AS), and Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees at Lake Superior College use MnTC courses to fulfill their general education requirements.

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No-Cost Textbooks

No-Cost Textbooks

Courses for Lake Superior College’s Associate of Arts (AA) and Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) programs have no-cost text books available now. Learn how to find courses with no-cost text books.

No-Cost Textbooks

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