LSC offers written and physical test for several regional Fire Departments.

LSC’s roll in the testing process is to facilitate written exam and a complete CPAT event. Upon completion of the written and CPAT process, LSC will forward candidate’s scores to the selected Regional Fire Departments for each of them to continue the hiring process. Lake Superior College ERTC is only the testing facility. Candidates will be notified by an individual fire department for continuation in the hiring process.

Dates & Location

2017 Regional CPAT test Schedule

Contact us for more information on upcoming dates for the written and physical exams.

Exam location:  Lake Superior College ERTC, 11501 Hwy 23, Duluth, MN. 218-733-1074


Written exam

The Regional Fire Department written test will consist of a 100 question written exam that is referenced from the Jones & Bartlett, Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills, 3rd Edition.  Candidates will be given 2 hours to complete the written exam.

Candidates will be emailed their written scores within one week of the completion of the test.

Physical exam

The Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) is required part of the application in the Fire Department Hiring Process. See video.

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