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Minnesota law requires motorcyclists under age 18 to pass an approved Rider Skills Training course. This approved course offers the most complete motorcycle training available with 14.5 hours of integrated instruction. 100% attendance is mandatory. While no previous motorcycle riding experience is required, it can be beneficial. The BRC course is divided into 2 phases:

Phase 1: Get familiar with motorcycle, clutch control, throttle control, riding posture, and the four basic skills of straight-line riding, turning, shifting, and stopping.

Phase 2: Limited-space maneuvers, counter-steering, cornering, and swerving.


  • Ability to ride a bicycle
  • Valid driver’s license or motor vehicle instruction permit
  • Furnish your own protective clothing & DOT-approved helmet


  • Do I need a permit to take the Basic Rider Course?
    • If you are a Minnesota resident and intend to earn a motorcycle endorsement through the Basic Rider Course, you will need a valid motorcycle permit. If you do not want to earn a motorcycle endorsement, then you only need a driver’s license or driver’s permit to take part in the Basic Rider Course. Wisconsin and North Dakota residents do not need a permit to take the Basic Rider Course for endorsement.

Basic Rider Course Handbook

Intermediate Rider Course

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If you are comfortable on your own motorcycle or scooter, the 5-hour Intermediate Rider Course will build upon your existing skills and knowledge. Newer motorcyclists, returning riders, and experienced motorcyclists can all benefit from this course. The Intermediate Rider Course covers control, finesse, counter steering, cornering, swerving, and braking. The MMSC recommends that you have 1,000 miles of riding experience before enrolling in this course. Groups or clubs may purchase an entire Intermediate Rider Course for only $300. This course is offered at more than 25 MMSC training locations.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Participants ride their own motorcycle during the course.
  • Motorcycles must be street legal, licensed, insured and pass a basic inspection.
  • Riders must show proof of insurance to the instructor .
  • Riders must have a valid driver’s license with either a motorcycle endorsement or a valid motorcycle permit.
  • Riders must be proficient in the basic skills of clutch control, straight-line riding, turning, shifting and stopping.
  • Participants under 18 must have their parents sign a waiver form prior to on-cycle instruction.
  • Riders must be comfortable on their own motorcycle.

Moped Rider Course

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Any 15 year old who wants to ride a moped on the street must complete this course to obtain a moped instruction permit. This 4-hour course includes moped rules and regulations, defensive riding techniques, protective clothing, and alcohol information. Anyone 16 or older with a valid driver’s license may legally ride a moped on-street. (This is a classroom only course)

Motorcycle and Motorized Bicycle Manual

Road Guard Training

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The Motorcycle Road Guard Certificate training program will train participants how to legally stop and control traffic for motorcycle group rides. Certified road guards will be able to stop traffic to allow group rides to pass through intersections and give traffic the “all clear” when it’s safe to proceed.


  • Fill out the Motorcycle Road Guard Certificate application
  • Mail application to Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS)
    *NOTE: the application must be received three weeks before your training
  • Based on the applicant’s driving records, DVS will respond with a letter of approval or denial of training
  • Applicants must bring the DVS approval letter

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