From Fire Technology to Applied Management

Complete your two year degree at Lake Superior College. Then attend Bemidji State University online or on-campus. All 60 credits completed at Lake Superior College will transfer to Bemidji State University. Here is your plan:

Save thousands on your bachelor’s degree with a transfer degree guarantee. Minnesota State Transfer Pathways are designed so you can complete a specific associate degree at Lake Superior College and then transfer to a Minnesota State university to earn a bachelor’s degree without losing credits or having to take extra courses.

The Minnesota State Pathway between Lake Superior College and Bemidji State University provides a means to earn an Applied Management, Bachelor of Applied Science degree at Bemidji State University.

  • The Applied Management BAS can be used in multiple career fields in addition to fire-related careers
  • All 60 credits earned with the LSC Fire Technology AAS degree will transfer to Bemidji State University
  • 63 additional credits at BSU will be required for completion of the Applied Management BAS degree

Lake Superior College

Fire Technology
Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

First Year Fall Semester 15 cr.
FIRE 1408 Fire Fighter I & II
FIRE 1430 Haz Mat Operation
FIRE 1410 Building Construction
ENGL 1106 College Composition I
General Elective Credits

First Year Spring Semester 14 cr.
FIRE 1412 Fire Apparatus Operation
FIRE 2440 Fire Chem I
FIRE 2450 Fire Prevention
FIRE 2480 Introduction to EMT
ENGL 1109 College Composition II

Second Year Fall Semester 15 cr.
FIRE 2482 Emergency Medical Technician
FIRE 2484 Emergency Medical Technician Lab
FIRE 2502 Rescue Basis
FIRE 2511 Company Functions
General  Elective Credits

Second Year Spring Semester 16 cr.
FIRE 2602 Concepts of Fire Career Services
Choose 8 credits from courses:
FIRE 1470 Wildland Firefighting
FIRE 1474 Wildland Portable Pumps & Water Use
FIRE 1476 Wildland Fire Chain Saws
FIRE 2512 Firefighting Tactics and Strategies
FIRE 2610 Fire Internship 100 (I cr.)
FIRE 2620 Fire Internship 200 (2 cr.)
General Education Credits


Applied Management
Bachelor of Applied Science

Third Year Fall Semester 15 cr.
ACCT 1100 Financial Literacy
ACCT 1101 Principles of Accounting I
TADT 3100 Principles of Professional Development
TADT 3111 Project Management Methodology
General Education

Third Year Spring Semester 16 cr.
MATH 1100 Mathematical Reasoning
ECON 2000 Markets and Resource Allocation
TADT 3112 Leadership in a Team Environment
TADT 2100 Impact of Technology
General Education

Fourth Year Fall Semester 16 cr.
ECON 2100 Macroeconomics
TADT 3267 Economic and Cost Analysis
TADT 3700 Operations Planning and Control
TADT 4385 Sustainability & Emerging Tech.
General Education

Fourth Year Spring Semester 16 cr.
TADT 4878 Quality Assurance
TADT 4873 Emphasis Related Capstone
TADT 4849 Advanced Media Design
TADT 4875 Facilities Management
TADT 4880 Total Quality Management
General Education