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The Business Transfer Pathway A.S. offers students a powerful option: the opportunity to complete an Associate of Science degree with course credits that directly transfer to designated business bachelor’s degree programs at Minnesota State universities. The curriculum has been specifically designed so that students completing this pathway degree and transferring to one of the seven Minnesota State universities enter the university with junior-year status. Emphasis is on contemporary business practices through coursework in management, marketing, economics, accounting, technology and communications. All courses in the Transfer Pathway associate degree will directly transfer and apply to the designated bachelor’s degree programs in a related field.

Universities within the Minnesota State system include Bemidji State University; Metropolitan State University; Minnesota State University, Mankato; Minnesota State University, Moorhead; Southwest State University; St. Cloud State University; and Winona State University.

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  • Apply effective business administration concepts and tools
  • Understand contemporary business strategies
  • Demonstrate analytical skills in identifying and solving problems
  • Apply marketing, management, and economic concepts in a business setting
  • Apply accounting principles and practices
  • Demonstrate financial management skills
  • Demonstrate administrative management skills
  • Demonstrate interpersonal communication skills
  • Plan, prepare, and deliver effective oral and written communications
  • Make business decisions in compliance with the law
  • Create statistically reliable and valid data
  • Demonstrate understanding of statistical data for business decisions
  • Utilize effective software applications for business administration

This pathway will transfer into Business Administration B.S., Management B.S., Entrepreneurship & Innovation B.S., Human Resource Management B.S., Finance B.S., Marketing B.S., Supply, Chain & Operations Management B.S., International Business B.S. at:

  • Bemidji State University
  • Metropolitan State University
  • Minnesota State University, Mankato
  • Minnesota State University Moorhead
  • Southwest Minnesota State University
  • St. Cloud State University
  • Winona State University

To graduate and be guaranteed admission to a Minnesota State university’s designated program you must earn an overall grade point average as indicated by the university to which you will transfer.


Semester 1
FYE 1000 – First Year Experience
BUS1410 Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship
ADSC 1430 Business Computers/ Microsoft Office
ENGL1106 College Composition
Math 1100 College Algebra

Semester 2
BUS 1448 Leadership Development
ACCT 1410 Financial Accounting Principles I
ENGL 1109 College Composition II
ECON 1150 Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics
COMM 1110 Public Speaking

Semester 3
BUS 2400 Principles of Marketing
LGST 1420 Business Law – An Introduction
ACCT 1510 Financial Accounting Principles II
ECON 1160 Principles of Economics: Microeconomics
MATH 2210 General Statistics

Semester 4
BUS 2402 Principles of Management
ACCT 2430 Managerial Accounting
PHIL 1130 Ethics
MnTC Electives

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