An aircraft crashes on takeoff, spilling and igniting fuel. Hundreds of lives are at stake as specially trained fire fighters respond to the emergency. The fire fighters will have just seconds to analyze and attack the spreading flames. They will need training and experience to respond quickly and correctly. A continuing education program at Lake Superior College in Duluth, Minnesota, will help prepare fire fighters from across the nation to handle such emergencies. The Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Training Program operated by Lake Superior College in Duluth, Minnesota, USA, features one of the world’s most advanced fire training simulators.

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Training options

40 Hour Airport Firefighter Class, NFPA 1003

This class meets the minimal training standards of an Airport Firefighter. It is designed to meet 8 of the 11 basic firefighting training requirement of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) , 14 CFR Part 139 and will include two days of live fire training for all students. The classroom portion will include basic knowledge of aircraft systems, military aircraft, ARFF tools, and fire fighter safety. There is an 8 Student minimum for this class and a 15 person maximum.

Price: $1,495

IFSAC certification is available upon request and is an additional fee of $100.00

Upcoming Dates: Please contact Paula Castleman at 218-733-1073


FAA 139 Recertification Live Burn Training

We run live burn recertification classes year round. The scheduling is flexible. We’ll gladly run the class over two days. Alternatively, the entire class can be completed in the same day. Whichever format best suits your travel requirements, you’ll find this class to be very accommodating.

Price:  $750.00

Upcoming Dates: Please contact Paula Castleman at 218-733-1073

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